Government forced to accept Child Porn blocking. Still miles to go for blocking Adult Porn..

Government finally submitted their reply to the Feb’16 and Apr’16 order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the Dec’16 hearing. Government played little bit smart and submitted the affidavit just two days before the hearing and due of this it could not be included in the proceedings and and new hearing date was given. However, Petitioner Lawyer Mr. Panjwani argued that he has no objection to the affidavit and only wanted the Government to commit to couple of things that they have mentioned in their Affidavit. Continue reading

Government makes first move on blocking Porn

Last week was a pretty hectic for all of us. First came the news that government has taken the first step towards blocking pornography. A list of 857 website that was submitted by the petitioner in November, 2014 was used by the Government to instruct all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ban pornographic websites. Continue reading

Making Delhi WiFi PPF Free

AAP government manifesto in the 2014 Delhi Elections talked about covering Delhi with Free WiFi Services. As more details emerged later it became clear that free in this case meant public websites and websites that deal with governance will be free to access and WiFi will be available in public places only like Markets, Streets etc. Our efforts to make Delhi WiFi Project of the AAP government Porn, Proxy and economic Fraud (PPF) free started as soon as we saw the notification from the Delhi Government inviting public opinion. Continue reading