Porn freedom in India versus US: Is comparison justified? – Part II

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In India, the situation is the opposite. The origin of Indian porn can be traced back to illegal and criminal activities. First, there were adult movies that depicted nudity with permission but showed more than simple nudity without permission. Second, after the advent of Online Pornography the growth of Indian porn was triggered by criminal activity in the form of MMS Scandals. Continue reading

Porn cannot be protected under freedom of speech: SC

February hearing saw the government trying to argue that banning anything beyond Child pornography involves issues of right to privacy and other rights (Articles 19 and 21 of the Constitution).

Justice Mishra in response to that stated that ‘what is the privacy argument? I do not understand what is the privacy issue?’ no one wants to be seen doing this and that if there is any issue the Court can interpret it and deal with it during the arguments.’ Continue reading

Porn freedom in India versus US: Is comparison justified? – Part I

Editor’s Note: Received this article over email, author ‘anonymous’.

Porn in different societies has different meanings. It has different effects on different individuals as well. In the recent case of banning pornography in India the opposition to such a ban was made on the basis of a comparison between the two democratic societies of the USA and India. People who supported the withdrawal of the ban petition cited some common conventions practiced in the USA which makes banning or regulation of pornography an unrealizable adventure. This article will address the problems associated with such broad and sweeping comparisons between our democracy and the USA’s. Continue reading

The sensible reason for a web filter, Part – I

In response to – The ostensible reason for web filter, published ‘The Hindu’ – 2nd Dec, 2014

In the opening sentence of the Third way culture project report –

The Internet is transforming the experience of growing up in America. It is also transforming the job of being a parent in America. The Internet brings the world—the good, the bad, and the ugly—to the American family’s doorstep. It brings the ruins of ancient Athens to that doorstep, but it also brings the red light district of Bangkok

‘The Porn Standard’ is a report published by Continue reading