Uttarakhand HC takes action where SC faltered

Uttarakhand High Court on 27th September 2018 passed the order of making mandatory blocking of all pornographic sites. The court in its order refered to notification issued by the Center in 2015 in this regard. A Bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Rajiv Sharma observed:

Though the directions were issued to all the Internet Service License Holders, but till date, all the Intermediaries have not followed the same in letter and spirit. The sites are readily available to the children to view obscene and indecent acts, including pornography. It was expected from all the Internet Service License Holders that they would block these sites to protect the children of impressionable age. The psyche of the children of impressionable age is also affected, which, at times, results in commission of crimes. The entire society, including parents, teachers, and school management is responsible to safeguard the interest of the children.
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What about 9 year old Kids watching Porn? Lawyer asks Supreme Court

This week was the 12th hearing of the case in Supreme Court. Lawyer Mr. Vijay Panjwani updated the court that the Government has still not taken any steps to block the 850 websites, list of which has been provided to them since October 2014. The court taking serious note of this instructed ASJ Pinki Anand to file the Government response within 4 weeks time. Mr. Panjwani argued that while the MHA failed to file an affidavit despite repeated directions, crime against women and children which is “majorly influenced” by such porn videos is on the rise. Continue reading

Making Delhi WiFi PPF Free

AAP government manifesto in the 2014 Delhi Elections talked about covering Delhi with Free WiFi Services. As more details emerged later it became clear that free in this case meant public websites and websites that deal with governance will be free to access and WiFi will be available in public places only like Markets, Streets etc. Our efforts to make Delhi WiFi Project of the AAP government Porn, Proxy and economic Fraud (PPF) free started as soon as we saw the notification from the Delhi Government inviting public opinion. Continue reading

Is Web Filtering possible for a country?

When people ask this question – is it possible to block online pornography in the whole of India, it begs for some discussion. The genesis of this question comes from the fact that we may stop internet porn on our PC or in our homes but how about all the mobile devices, public hotspots, Wifi locations and other private & public places where this may still be easily accessible! This throws up the question – Why not stop this in the country’s Internet infrastructure itself and save us from this fallacy? Continue reading