Government forced to accept Child Porn blocking. Still miles to go for blocking Adult Porn..

Government finally submitted their reply to the Feb’16 and Apr’16 order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the Dec’16 hearing. Government played little bit smart and submitted the affidavit just two days before the hearing and due of this it could not be included in the proceedings and and new hearing date was given. However, Petitioner Lawyer Mr. Panjwani argued that he has no objection to the affidavit and only wanted the Government to commit to couple of things that they have mentioned in their Affidavit. Continue reading

Scientific Study on Effect of Porn on the Brain

In an study published in JAMA Psychiatry in 2014, researchers have shown that it is possible that watching porn can literally shrink your brain. According to the report’s authors Dr. Simone Kühn and Dr. Jürgen Gallinat: “We found a significant negative association between reported pornography hours per week and gray matter volume in the right caudate (P < .001, corrected for multiple comparisons) as well as with functional activity during a sexual cue–reactivity paradigm in the left putamen (P < .001). Functional connectivity of the right caudate to the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex was negatively associated with hours of pornography consumption.”

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Is Web Filtering possible for a country?

When people ask this question – is it possible to block online pornography in the whole of India, it begs for some discussion. The genesis of this question comes from the fact that we may stop internet porn on our PC or in our homes but how about all the mobile devices, public hotspots, Wifi locations and other private & public places where this may still be easily accessible! This throws up the question – Why not stop this in the country’s Internet infrastructure itself and save us from this fallacy? Continue reading